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5-Days Course


Committee Members: Julia Alleyne, Karim Kahn, Joanna Zed

Target Audience: Primary care and specialist care inter professional practitioners interested in Musculoskeletal Care, and those with an MSK background.


  1. To conduct a diagnostic interview in an efficient and effective manner.
  2. To demonstrate evidence-based clinical examination skills for MSK assessment.
  3. To understand the efficacy of MSK rehabilitation treatment.
  4. To gain proficiency in exercise counselling for evidence based management.
  5. To integrate practice tools into a diagnostic assessment and treatment plan.


Learner Outcome

This program will allow the participant to develop and pursue clinical practice questions as a precursor to literature searches, research projects and educational interventions.

Learning Format

  1. Integrated Learning – 30-45 minutes: On-line Knowledge Application Case Review and Needs Assessment. The course website will be set up with a survey on clinician demographics and some guideline based questions. This will allow participants to begin their learning process and familiarize themselves with some material as well as allowing the instructor to gather information for the course needs assessment. This should be completed 1 week prior to the course.On-line Knowledge Application Case Review and Needs Assessment.
  2. Immersion Learning: Case-based course/ reflective and experiential learning. 5  Day teaching Session with 2-3 Faculty Members. The course will have an interactive seminar, practical workshop and panel discussion each day. The learner will complete a case on the course website each evening that will take approximately 20 minutes.
  3. Reflective Learning: Webinar Case Based Practice Assignment and Information Sharing (Application of Knowledge). Learners will apply clinical tools and new knowledge to a patient interaction and be prepared to discuss in a webinar for Mainpro C credits. This will be shared in a follow-up session 6 weeks post-course.



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This program is approved as a Continuing Education Certificate of Completion. CFPC: 5 Mainpro-C, 30 Mainpro 1 and RCPSC: Mocomp credits

Course Evaluation

Competency Checklist, On line Case Questions, Participation in Discussion Groups.


*50% of registration fees will be refunded if cancellation is requested 30 days prior to the beginning of the course. Request must be received in writing. Registrations are not transferable.

Curriculum Outline


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Interactive Seminar Clinical Decision Making Approach to MSK Assessments Approach to Upper Extremity Approach to Lower Extremity Approach to Spine Care Rejuvenation of Care for Chronic Conditions
Workshop Practical Examination Techniques Injection Indications and Techniques Practical Bracing, Taping and Orthotics Effective Exercise Counseling Case Based Pain Management
Interactive Panel Discussion Key Messages for Effective MSK Care Criteria for Investigations and Referrals Interprofessional MSK Care Psychosocial Aspects of MSK Care Optimal Care for Arthritis
Online Case Ankle Case Shoulder Case Knee Case Spine Case Fibromyalgia Case