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About Us

MSK Courses of Canada is a not-for-profit organization. We develop and distribute professional educational content for health professionals regarding musculoskeletal (MSK) management.

Over time, the need for continuing professional development in terms of MSK assessment, management and exercise prescription has been growing nationwide and other universities across Canada are interested in including these courses in their respective curricula. The inter-professional interest in courses has grown and teaching needs have expanded.

Dr. Julia Alleyne is the founder and President of MSK Courses. She has been teaching MSK educational courses on a freelance basis through the DFCM (Department of Family and Community Medicine), CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and Centre for Effective Practice in Canada.

MSK Courses facilitates a neutral platform for professionals to provide continuing medical education to physicians and other health related professionals. It complements other industry organizations which provide MSK related courses, by specializing in MSK management related courses.

This unique focus allows the organization to deliver state of the art MSK management related educational material.

MSK Courses also fills a void for e-learning that will be applied to inter professional MSK and exercise medicine courses through on-line education, webinars and blended courses with classroom and e-learning formats.

Our mission is to fullfill this continuing professional education need, by forming partnerships with various tertiary institutions to develop MSK management course content.

Our vision is to develop a community of MSK professionals to contribute to solutions and services for the advancement of knowledge and clinical practice in the MSK discipline.