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MSK 5 Weekend Certificate Course



2015-2016 sessions: cancelled


Course Director: Dr Julia Alleyne

Target Audience: Physicians and primary care rehabilitation practitioners


  1. To provide practising physicians with a practical approach to common MSK problems for diagnosis, early intervention and office based education.
  2. To enhance the participant’s knowledge of exercise medicine as it pertains to the lifecycle stages, as well as lifestyle disease management.
  3. To provide interdisciplinary education that will support an effective approach to team management.
  4. To enhance the physician’s practical skills of diagnostic testing and procedures


Learner Outcome

This program will allow the participant to develop and pursue clinical practice questions as a precursor to literature searches, research projects and educational interventions.

Learning Format

This course is conducted in an enhanced learning environment that is of greater depth than a continuing education conference, but not as time intensive as a one-year clinical sport medicine fellowship.


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Includes certificate from the University of Toronto upon course completion.

This program is approved as a Continuing Education Certificate of Completion. CFPC: 78.5 credits Mainpro-M1 for all 5 weekends and RCPSC:78.5 credits Section-1

Course Evaluation

Learning Contract, 3 Project Assignment, Self-assessment Tool

2015-2016 sessions:

September 11-13, 2015: Assessment & Diagnosis of MSK Conditions

November 20-22, 2015: Evidence-based Musculoskeletal management

January 15-17, 2016: Exercise & Sports Medicine

March 11-13, 2016: Acute Musculoskeletal Care

May 13-15, 2016: Chronic Musculoskeletal Care

Download our 2015-2016 MSK 5-Weekend Brochure

*50% of registration fees will be refunded if cancellation is requested 30 days prior to the beginning of the course. Request must be received in writing. Registrations are not transferable. Discount available for some registrant categories, please contact us.

Curriculum Outline

Theme Content Procedure Assignment
Assessment & Diagnosis of MSK Conditions
  1. Principles of Assessment
  2. Evidence-based Approach to Physical Examination
  3. Population-based MSK
  4. Focus on Foot Assessment and Back Assessment
  5. Pediatric Conditions
High Yield Clinical Exam Workshops Article Review of Common MSK Treatment
Evidence-based Musculoskeletal management
  1. Evidence-based Pain Management
  2. Panel Discussion from the Rehab Team
  3. Foundations of Office-Rehabilitation
  4. Bracing, Orthotics & Assistive Devices
  5. Radiological Imaging
Joint Injectionsi.e. Cortisone Injection for Tennis Elbow Development of a Team Protocol to Common Office Problemsi.e. Back Pain
Exercise & Sports Medicine
  1. Exercise Guidelines in the Lifecycle
  2. Injury Prevention
  3. Nutrition Counseling
  4. Compliance & Motivation
  5. Exercice Medicine (diabetes, cardiac etc.)
Exercise Testing Workshop Developing a Patient Exercise Program
Acute Musculoskeletal Care
  1. Emergency Care for MSK
  2. Non-surgical Fracture Management
  3. Acute MSK Care
  4. Medical Emergencies
  5. Work related Injuries.
Casting and Splinting Preparation of Poster/Research Session
Chronic Musculoskeletal Care
  1. Osteoarthritis
  2. Rheumatology
  3. Neurology
  4. Joint Replacement
EMG Interpretation Course Evaluation and Personal Practice Planning

Accreditation (2014-2015):

  • The College of Family Physicians of Canada – 
  • 14.5 Mainpro-M1 credits for Weekend 1(September 26-28, 2014)
  • 16.5 Mainpro-M1 credits for Weekend 2 (November 21-23, 2014)
  • 17.0 Mainpro-M1 credits for Weekend 3 (January 23-25, 2015)
  • 16.0 Mainpro-M1 credits for Weekend 4 (March 27-29, 2015)
  • 14.5 Mainpro-M1 credits for Weekend 5 (May 22-24, 2015)


  • Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada – 
  • 14.5 Section 1 credits for Weekend 1 (September 26-28, 2014)
  • 16.5 Section 1 credits for Weekend 2 (November 21-23, 2014)
  • 17.0 Section 1 credits for Weekend 3 (January 23-25, 2015)
  • 16.0 Section 1 credits for Weekend 4 (March 27-29, 2015)
  • 14.5 Section 1 credits for Weekend 5 (May 22-24, 2015)